Available dates for fall 2024

All session are sunset sessions unless specified. I usually start between 5:00 & 5:30 depending on where we choose to have your session. Morning sessions usually start between 8:00 - 8:30 am. Weekday morning sessions are available by request, click the link below to see what dates I have available. Remember weekday sessions (Monday, Tuesday & Thursday) receive a $150 discount this discount only applies to the Signature Package & Simple Package. Mini Session dates are booked on Sundays and the dates will be released below.


July 1st , July 2nd , July 6th, July 8th, July 9th, July 11th, July 12th,

July 13th - morning available,

July 13th - HTHS Stadium Mini Session in the afternoon,

July 15th, July 16th, July 18th, July 26th, the week of July 29th I will be taking back to school mini sessions (contact me to book your date & school) & July 30th


August 1st, August 2nd, August 3rd - morning available,

August 3rd - HTHS Stadium Mini Session (afternoon)

August 5th, August 8th, August 9th, August 10th - morning available,

August 12th, August 13th, August 17th, August 19th, August 20th, August 22nd,

August 24th, August 26th, August 27th, August 29th,

August 31st


September 3rd, September 5th, September 7th, September 9th, September 10th,

September 12th, September 14th, September 15th (fall mini sessions),

September 16th, September 17th,

September 19th, September 21st, September 23rd, September 24th,

September 26th, September 30th


October 1st, October 3rd, October 12th, October 15th, October 17th, October 20th (fall mini sessions),

October 21st, October 22nd, October 24th, October 28th, October 29th


November 2nd, November 4th, November 5th, November 7th, November 9th,

November 11th, November 12th, November 14th, November 16th, November 17th (fall mini sessions),

November 18th,

November 19th, November 21st, November 23rd, November 25th, November 26th


December 2nd, December 5th, December 6th, December 9th, December 10th, December 12th,

December 13th, December 16th, December 17th,