Hi, I am Stephanie Benzaia (your photographer)

I have loved Birmingham my entire life. I was born and raised right here in a suburb of Trussville. I grew up admiring all things photography, I have my uncle to thank for that. He always took the most gorgeous photographs & captured the persons emotion in every photo.

In 10th grade I took my first photography class with Mrs. Frost at Hewitt Trussville High School (I still have my original camera). Although, my love started with a film camera & we developed the film in the school; it sparked my love immediately and I have never stopped. I graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Business Management & Marketing.

A little about my life when I am not working...

I love houseplants like it is a major problem! When it gets cold my house turns into a greenhouse. If there is a spot by a window it has a plant sitting there. I love nurturing them, watching them grow over years, and figuring out why I am maybe killing one. I have a real problem. I am working hard on loving outdoor plants but so far the love just isn't there. I serve at my church, First Baptist Church of Trussville. I help in our Student Ministry helping wherever I am needed from crowd control to taking photos. I teach a wonderful group of high school girls every single Sunday morning. I love going to camp, helping at DNOW & all of the student things!

My home life is just as fun. I have been married 17 years to my sweet and supportive husband Julian but if you ever meet him we call him Benny. I have 2 sweet and wild children that keep me very busy. Grayson and Jillian are my heart and soul and I hope I am able to leave an amazing legacy for them. We are those crazy cat people somehow we have 3 of the sweetest kitties. One old lady and 2 babies. We adopted a wonderful shaggy mutt named Buddy. He is always smiling and although he is a big boy he thinks he is a 5 pound puppy dog. My life is chaotic going from track practice to dance team events to being a free Uber driver for all of their social events and church activities. We still find time for fun as a family. We love to explore all things Birmingham. We love the restaurants, special desserts and all things outdoors. You will notice when we travel we always go to the best ice cream spot! Ice cream and coffee are and will always be the best foods!

If you made it through all of this thank you! I look forward to getting to know you and your family and helping you create perfect moments that you will cherish for a lifetime.