Ford's All Star Game } Birmingham, AL

This was a last minute shoot, but it was an extremely special opportunity! Ford's mother sent me a message on a Wednesday with a last minute idea to take pictures of his championship all-star baseball game. Once I got childcare worked out, we made it work! While taking pictures of this team, who went on to win the championship (congratulations by the way!), I got to see the insane work ethic of these boys who were unfazed by the blistering heat of the summer night. In order for this team to make the victory, they have to be extremely dedicated to their spots, and Ford definitely is. He took it as seriously as one should expect, and through the game encouraged his teammates, giving hand signals and cheering them on. Congratulations boys, you deserve the win and thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of it. 

Stephanie BenzaiaComment