Rios Maternity } Birmingham, AL

I knew this was going to be a fantastic session as soon as they walked in the door. Our mother was dressed in a nude colored dress that swept the floor as she walked, making a third trimester look more graceful than I’ve ever seen. Her husband’s plain outfit in jeans complemented her perfectly. Unfortunately, we stood outside on what felt like this hottest day of the summer thus far with about a bazillion degree heat index. I can’t complain though, I’m not the one in my third trimester. Despite the heat, the love radiating between mom and dad was contagious. He looked at her in the way little girls dream their prince will at them with. There was an adoration incomparable in his smile, an honor for her beauty and devotion to the family beginning here. I cannot wait to meet their little bundle of joy and let them see the sample of pure love their parents will exemplify for them.