Jake Turns 1 } Rickwood Field

    Rickwood Field is a gorgeous place to look at historic sights, from the old architecture to the ancient baseball paraphernalia sprinkled around. Almost contradictory to the old landmark, I got to shoot a one-year-old birthday session, and it was beautiful to see the young life celebrated in the old stadium. This was Jake’s birthday session, but of course, big sis had to tag along! To follow with the setting, mom Kristy came with all of her St. Louis Cardinals fan merchandise and her family’s baseball and softball gear. She told me that although she pulls for the Braves, since her husband let her raise the kids pulling for Auburn football, she had to let him raise them to pull for the Cardinals baseball. In running all around the stadium, we stopped to let Jake eat his cake in the stands, and like a good little sport, he shared the treat with his sister!