Osborne Triplets } Birmingham, AL

    I’ve been capturing this photogenic bunch since they were born, and have had so much fun doing so, because each session shows their personalities beautifully. For their one-year shoot, we got to see Lucy be mischievous with an impish look constantly on her face, Hunter’s grumpiness and “too-cool-for-school” disinclination to smile, and Maggie’s little-miss-prim-and-proper attitude. This bunch is going to be a handful when they’re grown enough for these personalities to clash! It’s already quite hilarious. Especially when we brought out the cake—one cake. For six hands. (Can I get a “YIKES!”?) Hunter and Maggie dug straight in, but Lucy sat back and observed for a while; however, as soon as her siblings had had their fill, she dove in and even ended up sitting on top of the cake! If not for the much appreciated help of their Aunt Meredith, this session never could have happened!