Sweet Summertime & Watermelon } Birmingham, AL

     On this day, I had two separate mini sessions with some precious children and some messy watermelons. The first session was with the most precious little one-year-old who is a perfect roly-poly princess. She wasn’t too fond of the watermelon all over herself, but I can understand her reluctance to get the red juice all over her denim dress and watermelon swimsuit. Her beautiful smile melted my heart away faster than the heat of the day could melt off my mascara.

    The second session was with a set of four kids, all older than the first. I decided to move them into the woods to hang out at a fallen tree. Each picture got to show a specific element of each of their personalities. In following with the denim theme, the three boys wore blue jeans with them rolled up like Tom Sawyer, and the little girl wore a precious denim dress. With their feet uncovered and barefoot, they all looked like characters from a Mark Twain novel; playful and childish and in love with the sweet, messy treat of a watermelon on a hot day. 

     These sessions were just fun summertime opportunities to make giant messes with ten watermelons. That person you learned about in third grade math who bought 70 watermelons? Yeah, that’s me. The cashier at Wal-Mart was concerned that I was aiming to resell them!

“When one has tasted watermelon, he knows what the angels eat.” –Mark Twain