Anna Reese } Leeds, AL

     I had the pleasure of doing Anna Reese’s six-month session in-studio while her mom Lindsey was in town to visit family. I’ve been photographing this family since her precious older brother Noah was born. The sweet smiley girl was a gorgeous little model for us today. And of course, Noah had to get in on the action too. My studio happens to be right by train tracks, so naturally I promised Noah a train would come along to make his waiting for his sister to be done a little easier. That train took its time getting to us, but luckily it showed up right at the end of the session. We took off down the couple of blocks to catch a glimpse at it and it absolutely made his day. While Lindsey and Noah watched the train, I got to stay with Anna Reese and play with her and her cute little bunny to get the best pictures of the day.

     I kinda envy the simple joy these little ones have, from just seeing a train to giggling at a bunny brushing over her button nose. “In the eyes of a child there is joy, there is laughter, there is hope, there is trust, and a chance to shape the future.”