Family Beach Session } Fort Morgan, AL

I have had the privilege of photographing Colt and Ty since they were but wee little things, and Jenna has become a sweet friend. I got to capture this beautiful family at their gorgeous beach home in Fort Morgan. Now I must say, trying to snag the perfect shot while your toes are getting sucked into the sand and held underwater is a pretty interesting experience. The best though, was getting to see this family be as precious as they are, from witnessing the VERY close bond with us crammed into a golf cart on the way to get to the beach, to the love for fun and pure joy surrounding them when we stopped the session for the boys to chase, catch, and play with a tiny crab. These are the moments that the pictures may capture but the memories add the meaning, the words spoken may not be written on the picture frame but the familiar love bouncing between smiling eyes is so evident. I found a quote that I think sums Jenna up pretty well -- "And she loved a little boy (boys), very, very much, even more than she loved herself. And she's proud call him son (them sons)." 

Jenna thank you again for letting me capture such precious memories of you and your boys!