Roper Family } Pinson, AL

So the Ropers and I have known each other for a while, us going to the same church and all, and I finally got the opportunity to photograph their beautiful family! Bobby started messaging me from the minute she bought the session to the day before, saying, “I just want beautiful family pictures.”  I thought, “Simple enough; they are a beautiful family, so this will be easy.” My speculations were proved pretty accurate this day! We went to Turkey Creek in Pinson where we were surrounded by many summer creek swimmers—the kind that crawl on their bellies. We had to pause the session so the boys and their dad could chase off a snake. Despite my unparalleled terror of snakes, we stayed right by the creek side the whole time. It was a perfect spring day, so why waste the opportunity! Despite our run-in with the slithery monsters, the pictures turned out beautifully and once again we’ve reached a confirmed 100% customer satisfaction! I can't wait to do it again soon!