A Zoolight Safari Proposal | Birmingham, AL

Everything was planned out perfectly except the rain and man it rained BUT it stopped right as I arrived but see I was late!! With the rain and after work traffic at Christmas time it took me almost an hour to get 25 miles. But thank goodness Justin had changed the original plan and after he snuck away to call me everything was back on track! As is the norm I had such crazy butterflies in my stomach I almost couldn't function. But here they came and I had to look like a crazy person taking pictures of the lights. Apparently I do that well because it worked...

Justin asks me to take a picture of them but well I forgot to give him my card so he could get the picture :). But he finally did it and he went down on one knee and asked Stephanie to spend the rest of her life with him. Of course her answer was yes!!! Then she figured it all out!! So after we had a little fun in the rain and the Christmas Lights and took a few pictures of them before the bottom completely dropped! 

Congratulations to Justin & Stephanie!!! I wish you a lifetime of laughter and happiness!