I am engaged now what? | Invitations

So I thought it would be so much fun this year to interview wedding vendors and get all of the newly engaged brides some answers to the many many questions you may have. I am starting with invitations because when I got married (9 years ago) there just weren't that many options and that was great. Today on the other hand there are so many options so I interviewed Emily Wells of Emily Anne Designs to help answer questions about picking the perfect paper products for your wedding, bridal shower, or save the date card.

What is the number one thing to look for when picking out invitations for your wedding/shower/ or save the date?

I would ask yourself, "Is it cohesive with the overall "vibe" of the wedding?" Your wedding papers are your guest's first glimpse into your big day. Give them a teaser by incorporating your color palette, and small glimpses into what they expect at the wedding! Are you and your groom quirky and funny? Add custom working on your invite to show your personality and let your guests know that your in for a fun and laid back evening. Are you having a formal wedding with black tie attire? Choose maybe a pearlescent paper with a more traditional script font.

What would you say is the top trend in invitations so far this year?

We are seeing a lot of designs that have a hand drawn look and feel. Whether it be adding calligraphy, a custom drawn map, watercolor, etc., those artistic touches are blossoming this year! They also make each piece unique and custom which is a trend in weddings!  I love seeing personal touches throughout weddings and it's now more popular than ever to let your own style shine through!

If you were on a tight budget what would be the one thing you wouldn't skimp on when it comes to your wedding invitations?

I would suggest Programs. There are really cool alternate ways to show your order of ceremony and wedding party such as a large chalkboard program upon entering the ceremony. For one couple that I designed for, they decided instead of programs to do a poem of their love story and at the end put a thank you to all the guests for attending. Instead of giving one to each guest, they put one of each table at the reception.  A total of 15 papers and it created such a fun thing for everyone to read while they are eating!

Do you have any advice for 2015 brides or anyone who might be hosting a wedding party/shower?

I would suggest creating a mood board for your wedding on Pinterest and go crazy! Don't just pin wedding pins, but pin anything that embodies the overall look and feel for your wedding whether it be a cool pic of an ice cream cone, a pretty summer day, or that Vera Wang gown. When I meet with a bride, I always ask to see her pin boards. The more I can see that she likes, the more I understand her and what she is looking for in her wedding papers.

To contact Emily for any invitation questions or a custom order you can find her at the following links.
instagram: @emilyannewells
phone: 205-960-9002