Brother Super Hero's | Birmingham, AL Family Session

Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero. ~ Marc Brown

I have always said that little Eason has very big shoes to fill because his big brother is pretty awesome! Carter has been my buddy for a long time and I absolutely adore him but Eason is catching up with him. I mean look at those sweet cheeks and beautiful eyes. I had so much fun at this session but there are a few moments that stand out and will be forever in my memory. The first was Carter wanting to show me the fish in the pond and there was a man feeding the fish bread. Pretty much right as we walk up Carter says, "Hi, my name is Carter C-A-R-T-E-R. My brothers names is Eason, this is my dad Matt and my moms name is April. This (pointing at me) is Stephanie." I lost it. I swear if you know Carter you know he is the cutest thing ever. My other favorite point was April bringing a mirror and I do not mean a small mirror this mirror was huge and weighed a lot! But the cool thing was that it was her grandmothers. I love using family heirlooms in pictures. It makes the session that much more personal. 

Every year I am so thankful that Matt and April continue to let me get to know these sweet boys and I look forward to many more years of watching them grow into such precious little men.