She Dances | Every girl is valuable and precious

I am so excited to share with you some awesome news. I need to start from the beginning so that you can really see God's hands in every part of this.

I participated in a Bridal Event and I met the most wonderful couple. I wasn't sure if I should do this event because it was a little more than I would normally spend but I jumped in and did it. This couple talked about an organization that they are a part of and it is called She Dances. A little back note I was never really involved in Missions but for 3 years I was the Missions/Senior Adult assistant at First Baptist Church Trussville and my heart changed. So almost every time I hear of an organization I look it up online and see if I feel led to get involved. So they sent me the website and I sat and read every single line of every single page. Everything about it was amazing and I sat there and started to cry. I knew I needed to get involved but I wasn't sure how. But then I figured it out.

In 2015, 10% of all of my sitting fees, prints, canvases, digital sales, albums and even my wedding packages will go to She Dances.

So since many of you will be booking 2015 sessions I want you to know a little about She Dances. Immediately the home page really captures my heart.

Providing holistic restoration for young girls who have been trafficked & sexually exploited in Honduras
— She Dances Website

I mean wow what a powerful message. The it goes on to say...

Reaching at-risk children in Honduras with prevention education & the gospel of Jesus.
— She Dances Website

By providing holistic restoration this organization does everything they can to show that every girl deserves to dance in freedom.

I know I did not do She Dances just so please check out the website

I am so excited to share this with you and I am even more excited that with every dollar you spend with me 10% will be going to help many young girls hear the gospel of Jesus & realize how precious they are.