Neverthirst | First Baptist Church Trussville VBS

Every year I am extremely honored when my church asks me to photograph Vacation Bible School. It is my favorite time of summer when hundreds of babies, toddlers, kids and preteens come into our church doors to learn how to worship, how to get involved with missions, learn about the Bible, and learn how to work in teams. But one thing really caught my eye and heart this year and that was the Missions room. This year the children & teachers of VBS learned about Neverthirst and the amazing thing they do for the world. I am going to give you a very small glimpse into what they are doing daily.

Neverthirst is an amazing organization that was founded in Birmingham, AL and they are dedicated to bringing  clean and living water to the poor through the local church. Did you know that there are almost 1 billion people living without access to clean water in the world (I didn't). Throughout the website I notice a Bible verse on every page and it is perfect ...

"Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth ~ 1 John 3:18"

What an amazing mission to give villages and people clean water. I mean wow that is definitely something we in the United States take for granted every minute of the day and this organization is giving people the biggest blessing ever.

So back to Vacation Bible School over 1,000 children, teachers, and volunteers walked through the doors the first week of June 562 children, 13 special friends, 227 preschoolers and 170 teachers and volunteers learned about Neverthirst. They learned about what they can do to help purchase water for a village and how the little bit of change that is in their piggy banks can add up and be something so large. Brandon from Neverthirst talked to the children about fundraising; he told them about doing a lemonaid stand. He also mentioned all of the many ways we can raise money to help those in need. The kids did everything from lemonade stands, making jewelry, making bookmarks and many many more. Here are a few pictures that some of the parents sent me of their children raising money for Neverthirst.

Here are the rest of the pictures from the week. Brandon was very busy talking with preschoolers and children of all different backgrounds! It was just amazing!

So on the very first day the children were told that there would be a contest between girls and boys and every single day for every $100 spent a jar will be colored with the coordinating color (red=girls and blue=boys) and at the end of the week there would be something big but I will get to that a little later.

The Missions Volunteers

So the contest between the boys and girls ... If the boys brought the most money Matt would kiss a pig and if the girls brought the most money then Blake would kiss the pig. And I am not going to lie I might have that backwards. Sadly I was unable to capture this wonderful moment because I was photographing a wedding but I know it was very exciting!

Mrs. Ann in the preschool are did her own little motivation for the preschoolers to bring in their change. She said if they raised so much money she would eat baby food and although she had picked out baby food that she thought she would like someone played a trick on her and swapped it so she was in for a horrible treat when she took the first bite.


The children raised over $12,000 for Neverthirst!!!! How amazing is that? For more information on how you can get involved with Neverthirst please visit this website