A personal post...the past week

Well last week started off perfectly I had an extra day with the kids because schools were closed on Monday and we enjoyed every minute, we did the normal things...Piano on Tuesday, Church on Wednesday and then Thursday came. The day started off with the normal chaos and then I got to sit still for an hour or so while my sweet friend did my hair. I picked up Jillian and proceeded to run around like crazy ... made the beds and started unloading the dishwasher. Well this is the moment that changed everything. As I was bending down I felt a funny sensation on the top of my neck right at the base of my neck and of course I called my mom and as I was talking to her my right side of my head, ear and a little of my face went numb. I ignored it and went about watering the plants and finishing loading the dishwasher. Well it was time to get Grayson and I started panicking a little. I called my general doctor and messaged my chiropractor and both felt the same I should be seen immediately. I then headed to the ER (but not until after Grayson's piano lesson) at this time I had no clue that they were checking to see if I had a stroke or an aneurism. I was nervous but was trying to brush it off as nothing. 

Well 5 1/2 hours later, 1 blackout while getting blood drawn and an IV put it, EKG, and many more test they did not find anything wrong. I still have no clue what happened but it was definitely scary and I rested on Friday and I am definitely feeling better but there are times I wish I had answers but I guess no news is good news. 

So then on Friday night Grayson started having a very soar throat and he was having pains in his chest. Is the middle of the night on Friday he ended up in bed with us with a horrible cough, fever and he was having trouble breathing. Saturday I had a full day of sessions and well in October there is just not enough places to put people so I packed my things got up very early and headed out. As I checked in throughout the day with my husband Grayson was fine then worst and then fine...when I got home on Saturday he was pitiful. We watched him on Sunday and I took him to the doctor today where he was diagnosed with Croop. So a couple of days of steroids and he should be back to normal. So tonight after everyone was in bed I decided it was time to sit down and get my life and business back in order. It has been a little chaotic. 

I am usually very private about things like this but here is why I wanted to let you all know. Fall is the busiest time of year and there are a lot of people very excited to see their pictures and then to start designing their Christmas Cards. I understand this completely! I will be in the same boat as you all next week. I did not want anyone to feel forgotten I am working as hard and fast as possible and there will be another post with a very big step I took to help with all of this! I am so very thankful for the best clients ever and I just wanted to share a little bit about what has been going on the past week.

This weekend I get to share in some very magical moments as sweet babies and kids get to spend some special time with Santa and these always bring back the simpleness of life and I look forward to this every year!

I am so sorry for this rambling post but I just felt it was best to let you all in on everything right now! I hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween and everyone is enjoying your Fall! Be on the lookout for another very special post!