April Fun - Personal Post | Birmingham, AL

Wow April was so much fun! I love this time of year there is always so much fun stuff going on and May is going to be just as exciting!!! Sorry for all of the pictures but honestly we really enjoyed every single day of April!

The first thing that we did in April was the No Longer 5k and Fun Run! I was working it so I was not with the kids the whole time but I believe they had a blast to see more pictures from the No Longer 5k check out my blog post by clicking here.


Jillian also got to meet Cinderella and all of her family and friends. This was an amazing fundraiser that the HTHS Theater department did. Kids could come meet Cinderella and the whole cast of the play and then have cupcakes and tea with everyone! I honestly think this was the best fundraiser I have ever seen!


We had a lot of fun playing outside riding on daddy's tractor and going to Jillian's Art Show at school! Grayson's first track meet of 2014 where he won 3 Gold Medals. His 2nd track meet of the year, where he did great but he had some very tough competition. Jillian's church choir performance (PJ Party) was awesome and she did a great job! Grayson's Fun Run at school for a fundraiser. Playing with a caterpillar that we found in the yard ... which I believe is the first caterpillar they have ever played with. Of course Easter which was very simple but so much fun!


I love my family and I love the crazy life that we are living right now! I do look forward to summer ... lightning bugs, late nights and the pool!!!!!