Ethan meets his little brother JP | Birmingham, AL

I have again had the honor of photographing a baby Bond only a couple of days old. The first time I was allowed in the delivery room and captured the most perfect moment of baby Ethan being born. It was one of the most amazing sessions I have ever had! This time Rachel decided that she would really rather have me capture the moment when Ethan gets to meet his little brother and I thought what a great idea! We had no idea how much of a good idea it was until after JP was born because he was born so quickly that I probably would not have made it in time. Well on to the beautiful pictures! Rachel as usual is absolutely gorgeous and JP is beautiful and big brother Ethan LOVED his little brother! LOVED might be an understatement he did not want to let him out of his site, quit touching him or put him down once we let him hold him. This to me is not typical big brother behavior (maybe big sister) so I was shocked and I giggled the whole time at him!

Rachel & JR congratulations on your beautiful family of 4! Your 2 little boys are just beautiful!