Hippity Hop Hop |Springville, AL Easter Mini Sessions

These sessions are always so much fun! This year I had babies squeezing the poor bunnies to death and then I had others that were terrified of my 2 tiny borrowed bunnies! I have to give a quick shout out to 6th Day Creations for letting me borrow 2 of their little baby bunnies! Please be sure to click the link and "like" their Facebook page! They do awesome birthday parties, church events, etc. etc.

Well our weekend started off going to pick out 2 bunnies to be able to use for pictures. I made the mistake of taking my 2 kiddos with me and they wanted to pet every animal they owned! We left with 2 cheerleader pom pom's, 2 shakers and 2 bunnies! Well only 4 of the 6 items were ours to keep :). My kids proceeded to take the bunnies home treat them to lots of fun and even read a few bedtime stories to them! I think we all enjoyed them a little!


So after a lot of spoiling and pampering the bunnies rested and then started their day as famous Easter Bunnies! These little guys were awesome and were so gentle with all of my sweet kiddos!


I know this was a ton of pictures but we had a ton of fun! I hope to be able to do theses again next year!