Peggy & John Hubbard| Ozan Winery Calera, AL Wedding Day

I would like to say a couple of little funny things about my time with this couple and their time leading up to their wedding day! So we set up a beautiful (little chilly) day to do engagement pictures and family pictures! The bride and groom each have a beautiful little girl :). So we are in our last place of taking pictures and Peggy's little girl is playing and falls into a large hole full of water. It looked like solid ground so she had no clue she was stepping into a large puddle of water. The poor angel was soaked from her waist down so we had to quickly get her in the truck and get her wet clothes off. To say the least the family pictures were done but we finished getting some beautiful pictures of Peggy & John. So we will fast forward a few months and I am looking on Facebook and I see a post from Peggy saying that her daughter had broke her arm and it is in a bright pink cast. Now this was the week of their wedding :). So I post on her status and she says can you please do something about a cast and a black eye. Her poor mother accidentally got hit in the eye with a shoe. I said well the eye can get fixed but we can hide the cast. Luckily, Peggy and John just laughed about it and she said It is Memories! Boy was she right! I still remember all of the funny little things that happened before and during my wedding day!

Their day was beautiful with GORGEOUS weather! The sun was out, it was warm (almost hot) and the bride and groom were beaming! I had never been to The Ozan Winery and Calera and man I have been missing out. This was a gorgeous location in Shelby County and I believe my husband and I will be traveling here for many day dates :). It was a wedding that would not have happened without close friends and family to help along the way. Ok so on with the pictures I just can not say enough about Peggy & John's beautiful outside wedding!

Every detail was thought out perfectly! The arbor was built by the groom for this special day!Image


These 2 little angels were so beautiful and I just loved their Dollcake dresses! You will be seeing this again thanks to Peggy I have found a perfect dress for my daughter!


I love this pose and the shoes and guess what it wasn't posed at all! Peggy was having a very hard time walking in her beautiful shoes in the gravel so John picked her up to carry her to where we were going and I made him stop so I could shoot some pictures! Because of me John had to put her down and she had to walk a little further but she did get a precious picture out of it.


The ceremony was beautiful and their precious daughters giggled the whole time they were walking down the aisle it was so precious!!! You can tell they are already sisters at heart! ImageImageImageImageImage

The bride made all the very precious details of the wedding and the reception! My very favorite items were the wine bottles posted! And I am not sure how many she made but they were on every table and all over the venue and just precious!!! She is very talented and creative!


I wish Happiness, Health & Prosperity for this beautiful couple for many years!!!! Congratulations John & Peggy Hubbard and their 2 beautiful girls!

Flowers | Casie Bailey

Hair & Makeup | Kelsey Jones Robson, Richard Joseph Salon

Cakes | Alethea Cowie

Officiant | Blake Creel, The Church of the Highlands