Baby Eason | Birmingham, AL Newborn Session

Well this session took us 2 tried but mainly my fault but we made it work and I LOVE the outcome! I have always wanted to capture 1 smile with a newborn session and this little guy gave me so many! I love all of his little faces! Did I mention I kept getting weird Dejavue because he looks just like his big brother! I sure hope he loves the camera as much as Carter does! Carter has been the best little client ever :) I even had to take some pictures of him in his big boy bed! We did some puzzles together and enjoyed Starburst Jellybeans during the session! I love when the treats are given to me as well as the 3 year old! I mean I work for Starburst Jellybeans too :)! I love Carter and he is my little buddy! I can not wait to watch little Eason grow up into his own little personality! I hope he becomes my little buddy too!