No Longer 5k sponsored by Gigi Ministry {Trussville, AL}

On Saturday April 6th, the Gigi Ministry hosted a 5K to benefit No Longer. I had the privilege of taking pictures of this event and it was a blast. I even got soaked by one of the runners (you will see in a picture later). Let me give you a little background on these 2 ministries. 


The Mission of No Longer is a response to Christ's call to look after "the least of these", through ministering to and providing for orphans. They will be building a village in the Dominican Republic for 36 orphaned girls. Please visit their website at to get involved with this wonderful organization. 


The Gigi ministry of Trussville is a community wide ministry for 3rd - 6th grade girls and their moms. G.i.G.i focuses on integrity, purity, positive self-image and fashion...all from a Biblical perspective. They teach these young girls what it means to be a "Girl in God's image"...not the worlds. For more information on this group, please visit their facebook page by clicking this link.


With the help of sponsors, 300 5k runners, over 100 volunteers and a lots of Fun Run runners (ranging all ages) Gigi Ministry raised almost $17,000 for the 36 orphan girls. It does not get any better than that. God id good!