The Miller Family {Trussville, AL Sneak Peak}

Wow, this is 1 large family! This wonderful couple has 6 children and many grandchildren. There were a total of 32 (I think) immediate family members. I do not know about ya'll but I do not have that many immediate family members on one side. I had a blast with them and Mrs. Miller was the best assistant to have (not really an assistant) but she was the perfect mom and grandmother. She would tell each person how to stand and make them smile just right. But when it came time for her to be in the spotlight she could not keep her eyes off of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. She and her husband are an inspiration to me (not to have 6 kids) but to raise a happy, healthy and loving family no matter the size. I hope this session was everything ya'll had hoped for and more! These are only a few of the best pictures. I found myself editing almost every picture and I had to make myself stop.