Little A {Clay, AL; Sneak Peak}

Last Friday I was able to go to the home of these sweet angel. She was such a precious little thing even as her big brother ran all around her. She did not even care how much noise he was making. He was being your typical big brother and she has no idea what she is in for, lol! I bet my Jillian can give her a few pointers.

Audrey was 2 weeks old I believe when we finally got to do her pictures. Poor thing was born just a few days before I left town for 5 days. We were still able to get so many precious pictures! I hope you enjoy looking at this sweet peaceful angel!                          

She received this dress but it really did not fit her but we did not want to miss the opportunity so after some tucking and pulling we were able to make it look like it fit. If she stay a tiny thing we will probably try again at 3 months but I think it turned out ok.                   ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage