Chris & Rebekah Ward!

Hair: Bob Steele Salon, Atlanta, GA

Make-Up: Catie Starr

Reception & Wedding Location: Reid Barn, Atlanta, GA

This was an absolutely beautiful wedding! The weather channel showed no rain and clear skies. We had a beautiful bride and bridesmaids getting ready at Bob Steel Salon. I have never seen so many talented hair dressers all working as fast as they could. 


After everyone was as ready as they could be we headed over to Reid barn to get the girls dressed and to start on all the portraits. The bride had a very small almost horse stall to get ready in but it worked perfectly. 


The portraits started off perfect and then all of a sudden the clouds started rolling in and we started hearing thunder. Remember the weather channel said that it was going to be a beautiful day! Never the less we got some really gorgeous pictures. 



The bride looked gorgeous! I kept telling her she looked like Taylor Swift! 



This couple has an amazing support system they had friends and family help with every single detail and it could not have been more beautiful!