The Real "Alice in Wonderland"

Last fall I had the honor of meeting this wonderful family. I was on my way to the ER because I was having horrible neck pain and I was going to have to cancel but I pull up to the session and out pops a beautifully dress 8 year old, twin boys and a beautiful little girl. In my head I think of Lord I can not cancel on her. So God gave me the strength to last 1 hour and I did and we had a wonderful session and they were so patient with me. Well a couple of weeks ago Miss Alice turned 1 and her mother told me that she has always wanted to do a "Alice in Wonderland" themed session so we did and I love the way it turned out. After 1 broken cup and a lost saucer we had the perfect session. I have 1 more special picture I am working on and I will post it asap.