Santa Came to Town

  This is an appropriate 1st blog because we are only 2 days away from Christmas. Well 2 days and a few hours! I had the honor of meeting Mr. Robert Box who works for the North Pole. He is the best Santa South of the Mason Dixon Line, ok maybe the Nation. I loved him and I believe my clients did as well. Here are few little pictures from each session. I took 1 session on a farm in Helena (thank you Mr. and Mrs. West) and the 2nd session was on a farm in Trussville (thank you Mr. and Mrs. Norris).

The Abercrombie Family was so much fun! Baby brother really wasn't sure about Santa but with the help of his big brother and sister he did perfect

The James Family was a dream come true! They were my very 1st Santa Session and I had a blast. The way that sweet little girl looked at Santa you would think he hung the moon (sorry daddy)! 

I think she must have been acting up and Santa caught her! I love her face in this picture. If I remember correctly she was trying to kiss her brotherThe Jenkins family was so sweet but not so fond of Santa but after a little bribery they caught on to how AWESOME he is

I couldn't write about the last few families because for whatever reason it will not let me. Maybe this post is too big! I will split this one from the Trussville Santa Pictures. I hope you enjoyed these as much as I enjoyed capturing this special moment!