Beth & Pete's Gulf Shores Wedding

So my friend Melissa and I arrived around 4:00 in Gulf Shores, AL for Beth & Pete's Wedding. We arrived, checked in and I showered to get ready for the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner. Now when I stay at a hotel I make myself comfortable and I had already done that before I left to take pictures. So all is going well with the rehearsal and all of a sudden a get a text and it is Melissa and she says that she is locked out and apparently we have the wrong room. Do we were supposed to be in building D but somehow we ended up in building C and my key WORKED in our room. Who knew it was the wrong room considering the key worked. Well I am enjoying myself at the rehearsal dinner and can not leave. Melissa has now walked twice to the main office and back (not a small walk). Where she passed signs that said "Do not feed the alligators" and she was attacked by dragon flies. So after she figured out what had happened she had to pick up all of my junk and move it to the next building. Remember all while I am having a blast at the rehearsal dinner. To say the least I have laughed so hard. It has made a good start to a fun (supposed to be relaxing) weekend. We are still trying to figure out how my key worked in the other building but not our own!