1st time Beginners Photography Class

I held my first photography class today and I loved it. I had 4 of the greatest students of all time. It was so very hot and we had fun taking pictures of each other acting stupid. I hope they enjoyed it as much as I did. I tried not to take too many pictures but here are 2 of my ladies practicing with their cameras. Watch the blog and facebook for future classes. Jenifer was working very hard to figure out which settings to use! She might kill me for putting this image up.

We finally decided after 2 hours to go see if the Peanut Depot had drinks and luckily they did but I did not realize I could teach a quick lesson while we were there. This is one of the images that I took.

Here I was trying to show Depth of Field, when the background is blurred but the subject is in sharp focus.

Candice was a great student and I think one of the first people to sign up. She has a great eye for photos and she has a great passion to learn.

I can not wait until my next class. I really enjoyed teaching how to get your camera off of auto! Now they just have to remember to practice, practice, practice. I can not wait to see all the good pictures they will be taking this Fall!