2016 Year in Review

Wow 2016 was crazy and amazing all at the same time. I had to change studio locations, which God had such an amazing plan because my new studio is amazing! I was able to photograph many church events, charitable events, businesses, weddings and lot and lots of beautiful families! Every year I am so thankful to each and every one of you for your continued support and faith in my to capture such precious memories. Over the past few months my family has experienced a lot of loss and with this has reminded me just how important pictures are. We look at them over and over again to hold onto the memories. To always know that person is with us whether they are here or not. One of my goals this year is to make sure I print pictures! If you do not print them they might be lost forever that is a scary thought to me. But back to happy again I am so happy with how 2016 ended and I am even more excited for how 2017 is looking. I will be announcing a lot of changes for 2017 and a lot of fun ideas. Please stick with me as we go through the 2017 journey! 

Happy New Year! 

PS. Below is one of my favorite images from all of my sessions this year. I hope and pray I did not miss one. I was extremely blessed by so many clients this year.

Springville Tigers } Springville, AL

Well this session started off with us standing in a gas station parking lot because one of the sweet young girls had a small wreck. Then it had to be one of the first coldest days of the year but wow the session turned out perfect. I mean these children are beautiful. Beth wanted to make sure she captured this time in her kids lives. She has 2 football players and 2 cheerleaders and she just wasn't sure if this would happen again. 

I could have photographed these kids for hours but thankfully for them we ran out of sunlight. 

Pajama Mini Sessions

This years pajama sessions took a little turn in design because what I had original planned changed as soon as I found two awesome plaid pillows. I also had some energetic, fun, and even some not so happy kids.  

I love pajama sessions because to make they are so special you only get a small period in time when your kids will a. wear matching pjs and b. let you take pictures of them. My time has ended with my oldest sadly. My favorite part of my job is getting to capture precious memories, those memories that when you blink the time has passed.  

Please enjoy a few of my favorite moments during my pajama mini sessions this year and from my family to yours, Merry Christmas. 

Madi } Senior Portraits

I am slightly partial because Madi is my cousin. This post might come out a little sappy so stay with me. Madi came to Birmingham over Thankgiving and we had to take the time out to make sure she had beautiful senior portraits. I love getting to capture such precious memories for my family. I knew exactly what I wanted but I had no idea what she brought to wear so some of my ideas changed as soon as I saw her outfits. We ventured to downtown Birmingham and enjoyed driving around to different areas and picking perfect spots. Did I mention it was a perfect day for this? She was a natural in front of the camera and made my job very easy but now to the sappy part.  

Madi is a beautiful soul inside and I am so proud of her. She is a beautiful ballerina and we have enjoyed watching her perform every year. She has such a natural talent that impresses me more and more every time I watch her. But not only is she a talented dancer she is so smart. The acceptance letters are flowing in while she waits to make her final decision. I can not wait to see where her future takes her. I remember her as the tiny baby cousin the one that was much younger than us that we all played with and treated like she was our own.  

Madi I would like to say how very proud I am of you. You have turned into such a beautiful, talented, smart, and kind woman. Hold strong to your faith and God will lead you in such an amazing journey. I can't wait to be right alongside of you the whole way.  

Santa Mini Sessions } Springville, AL

Oh wow I absolutely love this time of year and my favorite part will always be watching the sweet children interact with Santa. My sessions are unique because although I do a little posing I usually just let Santa and the kids spend one on one time together and I am just there to capture the memories. This year I did 2 different Santa dates and on the 2nd Santa date Santa brought 2 very special guest with him. He brought Betharella the Elf and Mrs. Clause which made for some very exciting squeals. I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas Season! 

Fall Mini Sessions } Birmingham, AL

I loved my mini sessions this year and I love how awesome these families were because our original location fell through and we have to change it at the very last minute. But the new location turned out perfect and I am so happy with how the portraits turned out.

Kinner Family } Leeds, AL

I absolutely loved this session these kids and their parents are so much fun. Their mommy should have no problems at all with getting help with baby brother. His 2 big sisters can not keep their hands off of him. 

Bethune Family } Birmingham, AL

Wow I remember when Jennifer and Troy started dating while we were all in Auburn it seems just like yesterday. Troy was always such a sweetheart at the time the closest Starbucks was in Montgomery and he would drive and get her her favorite drink and bring it back. 

Today they have 2 beautiful children and a sweet life together. He might not have to drive as far but i bet Troy still surprises Jennifer with sweet little gestures. 

I can't wait to continue watching your beautiful family grow through the years.

The Hood Family } Springville, AL

The Hood family is one of the most beautiful families I know and man are they fun to be around. We decided to do a mini session in Springville where the fall colors are absolutely beautiful. The sun showed off during our session and gave us some of the most beautiful light ever. They laughed, modeled and I hope they had as much fun at their session as I had photographing them.

My sweet kids } Springville, AL

It was a beautiful yet hot fall day. If you do not know here in Alabama we are in a major drought and above normal temperatures. It has definitely not been a normal fall for us but we embraced the slow weekend and I took some sweet images of my kidos. And I am so glad I did now because I knew we were not getting family portraits taken this year because my husband is having a horrible time with his back and I just wasn't feeling it. So I dressed them up and promised them the best hush puppies ever (Top of the River) and let them play in the leaves and the woods. My kids are so funny they love getting dressed up and looking awesome but they love getting dirty and playing in the woods so this was a dream day! 

On another note this is probably going to be my last session with Jillian with her precious baby teeth because she has 3 loose teeth now. I knew this day was coming but man why must they grow up. I hope you guys enjoy these as much as I do. 

Ford's All Star Game } Birmingham, AL

This was a last minute shoot, but it was an extremely special opportunity! Ford's mother sent me a message on a Wednesday with a last minute idea to take pictures of his championship all-star baseball game. Once I got childcare worked out, we made it work! While taking pictures of this team, who went on to win the championship (congratulations by the way!), I got to see the insane work ethic of these boys who were unfazed by the blistering heat of the summer night. In order for this team to make the victory, they have to be extremely dedicated to their spots, and Ford definitely is. He took it as seriously as one should expect, and through the game encouraged his teammates, giving hand signals and cheering them on. Congratulations boys, you deserve the win and thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of it. 

Ann-Marie & Jason Engagement } Chattanooga, TN

This session was a journey to Chattanooga and it was absolutely breathtaking. It's always exciting to get a change of scenery for portraits; a new background, a new area, unexplored territory. After the bride and groom decided on their location after several days of debate, we followed some local photographer's advice and went to a beautiful natural area with some hidden spots that added so much depth to the pictures. We ended up also climbing dow to a creek bed to take a few more pictures. The session was full of laughter and joy from beginning to end, and it definitely helped that they were supportive of my crazy ideas and went right along with them! Their wedding in December is going to be absolutely perfect and I just can't wait! 

Noah Newborn } Springville, AL

Gina and Jeremy are exemplary parents with joy and patience constantly visible in their eyes. They now have two boys, the baby Noah, and Levi who has graciously opened his home to his brother. Noah didn't cry a single time and went along with the shot like a champ. The most memorable part of the session was when we got the same stool Levi had used in his newborn pictures and he made himself comfortable by just lying on his tummy. It made us giggle when we noticed he laid the same way his mom does! Noah's cooperation made this session a breeze. 

Rios Maternity } Birmingham, AL

I knew this was going to be a fantastic session as soon as they walked in the door. Our mother was dressed in a nude colored dress that swept the floor as she walked, making a third trimester look more graceful than I’ve ever seen. Her husband’s plain outfit in jeans complemented her perfectly. Unfortunately, we stood outside on what felt like this hottest day of the summer thus far with about a bazillion degree heat index. I can’t complain though, I’m not the one in my third trimester. Despite the heat, the love radiating between mom and dad was contagious. He looked at her in the way little girls dream their prince will at them with. There was an adoration incomparable in his smile, an honor for her beauty and devotion to the family beginning here. I cannot wait to meet their little bundle of joy and let them see the sample of pure love their parents will exemplify for them.

Jake Turns 1 } Rickwood Field

    Rickwood Field is a gorgeous place to look at historic sights, from the old architecture to the ancient baseball paraphernalia sprinkled around. Almost contradictory to the old landmark, I got to shoot a one-year-old birthday session, and it was beautiful to see the young life celebrated in the old stadium. This was Jake’s birthday session, but of course, big sis had to tag along! To follow with the setting, mom Kristy came with all of her St. Louis Cardinals fan merchandise and her family’s baseball and softball gear. She told me that although she pulls for the Braves, since her husband let her raise the kids pulling for Auburn football, she had to let him raise them to pull for the Cardinals baseball. In running all around the stadium, we stopped to let Jake eat his cake in the stands, and like a good little sport, he shared the treat with his sister!

Osborne Triplets } Birmingham, AL

    I’ve been capturing this photogenic bunch since they were born, and have had so much fun doing so, because each session shows their personalities beautifully. For their one-year shoot, we got to see Lucy be mischievous with an impish look constantly on her face, Hunter’s grumpiness and “too-cool-for-school” disinclination to smile, and Maggie’s little-miss-prim-and-proper attitude. This bunch is going to be a handful when they’re grown enough for these personalities to clash! It’s already quite hilarious. Especially when we brought out the cake—one cake. For six hands. (Can I get a “YIKES!”?) Hunter and Maggie dug straight in, but Lucy sat back and observed for a while; however, as soon as her siblings had had their fill, she dove in and even ended up sitting on top of the cake! If not for the much appreciated help of their Aunt Meredith, this session never could have happened!

Sweet Summertime & Watermelon } Birmingham, AL

     On this day, I had two separate mini sessions with some precious children and some messy watermelons. The first session was with the most precious little one-year-old who is a perfect roly-poly princess. She wasn’t too fond of the watermelon all over herself, but I can understand her reluctance to get the red juice all over her denim dress and watermelon swimsuit. Her beautiful smile melted my heart away faster than the heat of the day could melt off my mascara.

    The second session was with a set of four kids, all older than the first. I decided to move them into the woods to hang out at a fallen tree. Each picture got to show a specific element of each of their personalities. In following with the denim theme, the three boys wore blue jeans with them rolled up like Tom Sawyer, and the little girl wore a precious denim dress. With their feet uncovered and barefoot, they all looked like characters from a Mark Twain novel; playful and childish and in love with the sweet, messy treat of a watermelon on a hot day. 

     These sessions were just fun summertime opportunities to make giant messes with ten watermelons. That person you learned about in third grade math who bought 70 watermelons? Yeah, that’s me. The cashier at Wal-Mart was concerned that I was aiming to resell them!

“When one has tasted watermelon, he knows what the angels eat.” –Mark Twain

Anna Reese } Leeds, AL

     I had the pleasure of doing Anna Reese’s six-month session in-studio while her mom Lindsey was in town to visit family. I’ve been photographing this family since her precious older brother Noah was born. The sweet smiley girl was a gorgeous little model for us today. And of course, Noah had to get in on the action too. My studio happens to be right by train tracks, so naturally I promised Noah a train would come along to make his waiting for his sister to be done a little easier. That train took its time getting to us, but luckily it showed up right at the end of the session. We took off down the couple of blocks to catch a glimpse at it and it absolutely made his day. While Lindsey and Noah watched the train, I got to stay with Anna Reese and play with her and her cute little bunny to get the best pictures of the day.

     I kinda envy the simple joy these little ones have, from just seeing a train to giggling at a bunny brushing over her button nose. “In the eyes of a child there is joy, there is laughter, there is hope, there is trust, and a chance to shape the future.”

Abby & Cory Engagement }Cheaha State Park

     First, I have to comment on how precious this couple is. Cory claims that seeing Abby at a Bible study at Jacksonville State was that storybook “love at first sight”. He proposed to her at the Vulcan patio overlooking Birmingham (and nearly crashing a wedding while at it) with the surprise of her two best friends waiting there to be with her. He shoved the ring on her hand before she could even say yes!

     For their engagement shoot, Abby and Cory had this old lady doing some things that were way out of my comfort zone—for instance, a hike of about 10,000 miles through Cheaha State Park (maybe that’s an exaggeration, but that’s what it felt like for me, following these experienced hikers around), and a sprint through dark woods with only flashlights to help us out. But getting to see this gorgeous couple in the fading light under a gorgeous waterfall made the physical exhaustion of the day totally worth it. From the waterfall we had to rush to our final spot, the sunlight threatening to completely escape us. By the time we were done, we had to go on the aforementioned flashlight trek.

     I’m super excited to get to be photographing the wedding in December, as I had the honor of photographing her brother’s a few years ago. I offer my greatest congratulations for this couple’s engagement and I’m so excited to see what adventures God has in store for them!

“Engagement marks the end of a whirlwind romance and the beginning of an eternal love story.”